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03.12.05 - Apologies

I would like to announce that as Xplor Web Design is nearing completion, we have moved to the stage of a paying busines. All new customers now have to pay for their websites. if you have already requested a site, you will get it for free, but new requests will cost.

I would also like to apologise to all those who have requested. I have been overloaded with homework and other scedule conflictions and I have not had much time work on your websites. However, my homework load has slowed down and i will begin working on your websites as soon as possible.


On a much better note, Xlpor web Design is going under renovation! The new site will not be up for a long time, and in the mean time this site will remain unchanged. You can view it on the main page in the queue list.


Also, we are planning on adding an affiliates box! If you would like to become an affiliate of Xplor Web, please feel free to contact me.



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03.12.05 - Apologies

05.11.05 - Under Construction


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