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About the Author

Jeremy Swinarton, Developer

This is me! I am the founder and sole team member of Xplor Web Design! I have always loved to work with computers and I have been designing simple websites for as long as I can remember. Xplor Web Design is my first fully designed and functional website using Dreamweaver. I hope to create many more sites using my new software and please many customers with my web design skills.

Jeremy Swinarton
I am 15 years old and I come from a small town in Canada not far from Toronto. I go to a small high school and spend most of my free time playing music, hanging out with my friends, and, of course, designing websites. I love jazz and I hope that one day I can go to university and become a profesional jazz musician.

The Site

Xplor Web Design has been an idea of mine for a while, But I have never been able to put it into action. I was very young and I didn't have the resourses need to create such a site.

The idea was sparked when I was at the public library one day, working on a small website project. I was getting along quite well and they woman next to me told me that I could make a good business out of it. I thought this a very good idea and decided to start working on one.


Unfortunately, the site got off to a bad start because I did not have a computer to work at from home. I decided I would put off the project until I had a computer and sufficent software to work on from home.

Well, that day has come. I have a proper computer with professional software. I can begin working on websites for other people!

The term "Xplor Web" came from a long search to find a proper name for this business. I was searching for a domain name and went through several different variations before I settled on this one.

The Symbol

Xplor Cog

The Mechanical Cog is of much importance at Xplor web Design: It is not only our logo, but our symbol of uncomprimising hard work for you. We do not sacrifice anything for your website so that it can be the best that it can be.

The symbol was chosen for this purpose to represtent our loyalty to you, the customer. (And it looks good, too.)



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